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Smart online assessment software to make your working life easier.

On screen exam paper marking: eMarking

Improve candidiate experience and increase organisational efficiency with the first of our eMarking products: eMark.

On screen exam paper marking: eMarking

Struggling To Make Operational Cost Savings AND Deliver a Quality, Professional Candidate Experience?

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Computes Complex Logistical Challenges


Automates Tedious Administration Tasks


At-A-Glance Overview of Entire System


Custom Automated Reporting For Instant Stats


eMarking Means You Can Manage Instead Of Administrate

Observe the status of the entire online assessment system from the comfort of your desk.

Online Assessment Software Affordable


EMarking Online Assessment Software is less than half the up-front cost of competing software, with a much lower yearly annual licence fee. The low entry cost makes it easier to get approval and the dramatic cost savings due to huge improvements in efficiency means that ROI is extremely high.


Once you've used eMarking you won't want to be without it. The incredible time-savings and the satisfying ease of use and visibility/reporting functions mean that you won't ever want to go back to the dreaded spreadsheets.

Online Assessment Software Indespensible

With a market growth rate of 900% since the year 2000, it’s more important than ever to remain competitive..

The elearning market growth rate is 900% since the year 2000
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Online Assessment Software - Product Features

eMark, our online assessor management tool, is available now to deliver fast, efficient marking and moderation. The tool features automatic scheduling of examiner workload, a real-time dashboard and fully customisable reporting. In the eMarking pipeline and launching soon include exam authoring, online assessment with remote invigilation and automated marking tools.

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