In-depth industry experience

We’ve worked closely, over many years, with the examination and assessment teams of one of the largest Chartered Institutes in the country, building software to support their needs. We’re proud to have a thorough understanding of the extended examination process and what's required in terms of exam marking software.

Streamlines the entire process

There are hundreds of very complex procedures involved in the smooth running of the complete examination life-cycle, from question writing and paper production to the creation of marking schemes, marking allocation and exam moderation and standardisation. We worked alongside our clients to design, develop and fine-tune a versatile, fully-functional system that streamlined the entire exam process. This software provided examination teams with a centralised operating system that managed the full assessment and examination life cycle.

However, feedback from the industry has been that the entry point for such systems, usually built in Sharepoint, is too high and licenses are too expensive. Furthermore, the “off-the-shelf” systems that are currently available are not only too expensive, but are not easy to customise. Examination centres either have too many functions that they are paying for, but will never use, or not enough.

New exam marking software with low pricing

Our new E-marking brand was born from this in-depth industry feedback and knowledge. The entry price point for E-Marking is less than half the cost of most other examination management systems that are currently on the market and the ongoing license fees are comparatively low.  See our pricing page.

Our new product E-Mark, exam marking software, is the first in a series of easy to use, fully customisable products. Further products handling question paper production, online examination invigilation and standardisation are in development and will be released shortly.

Positive Feedback

Initial feedback from clients is very positive and we’re delighted to be able to significantly reduce their workload as well as the financial outlay.