Why Use eMarking Online Assessment Tools?

Making your working life easier


Low Upfront Cost

The entry point for eMarking is less than half the cost of most other examination management systems and ongoing licensing fees are comparatively low. eMarking is an affordable and secure web-based on screen exam marking software.

Low Upfront Cost


Our clients estimate that the use of Emarking software has reduced their workload by well over 50%.

High Return On Investment

With such a significant decrease in the resource required for administration, it's possible to very quickly recover the initial investment cost.

High Return On Investment
Easily & Quickly Customisable

Easily & Quickly Customisable

We have a specialist, dedicated team who developed the software and work exclusively on Emarking. Therefore it's very easy and quick for us to align the software with your requirements and integrate it into your existing systems and processes.

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This is some FAQ content.

1 How long will it take to roll out?
We can configure and customise your new system ready for roll out within six weeks, depending on the level of customisation required.
2 What types of reports can I request?
Reports showing how many papers are our for marking, the number of papers awaiting upload of mark by assessors, number of overdue papers, the overall numbers of scripts with each assessor and how many papers each assessor has marked within a chosen time frame all come as standard. Any further reports can be built as part of the customisation of your software.
3 Is it easy to moderate and remark scripts in emark?
Yes, you can reallocate scripts to another assessor with the touch of a button.
4 Can we brand the system with our own corporate branding?
Yes, we will do this for you before you launch.
5 Is it possible to set different user permissions?
Yes, there are a number of different user types with different access levels and these can all be customised to your requirements.